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Wednesday, July 11, 2012

New Heineken Bottle Launch Party

Well, it all started when I received this email from Heineken. 

So yeah.. I won two tickets to the launch party. I remember when I play the game, it's term and condition said that to have the chance to go for the party, I need to send out AT LEAST 20 BOTTLES. Yeah. And you know what? I don't even send out more than 5 bottles lo. I didn't expect to win also but thanks yeah. Haha. I think should be not many people participated or they don't have enough crowd? >.< So I end up there at KL Live with Wai How and Ivan. 


With FREE FLOW of HEINEKEN all night man!!!! WOOTSSSS!!! XOXO

And I eventually met my belly dance instructor there! Her company was the one who in charge of this event thingy. I was shocked when somebody call me. But yeah, I was so glad to meet her there

So this is the new bottle design of Heineken!!! More thin, more transparent, new bottle cap, and more sexay?? Well that's what they mentioned in the promo video if I'm not wrong. Haha. XP

Then what??? Let's party yo!!!! =)

Me and the Wai How

Me and the Ivan Ong

Three of us =)

Glow in the dark (Valerie, 2012)

DJ Ferry in the house =)

I swear that's not my finger!!! :X

I don't remember taking this picture seriously @.@

Two guy from the right- Ivan's friend and the friend of friend. LOL. 



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