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Monday, July 16, 2012

Nommmm crabbbieee xD

Well this is life right?

Let's enjoy before the end of the world =D

Don't know what vege 

 Marmite bai kut

 Nai yu hei gor

1kg of Kamheong crab

1kg of Sweet and sour crab

1kg of salty egg crab


4 of us ate all of this =D

Carrie and Aris

Carrie and Jean

Tee-heee xP

Details of restaurant: 

Venue: Restoran Sheng May (升美海鲜饭店)
Area: Pandamaran Jaya.
Price: You can rate yourself from the bill that I took :D
Size of crab: BIG
Address: Use GPS la cos I can't find the address from the web. LOL :P
My comment: Better than the one that we ate at Telok Gong last year. The crab was really huge. Recommended :)
Rating: 9.5/10

**Thanks for the meal :)

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