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Tuesday, July 24, 2012

Premiere Screening of Mae Nak

This movie was based on the true story in Thailand. Yeah, that's what I heard. Got many version. But this version, NOT NICE!!!! Rated 4/10 Ewwww... The whole thing was so FAKE and ridiculous. They really need a better movie editor or whoever who in charge of all the editing thingy. But one thing good about this movie is that few part of it is funny. Yeah.. their reaction when they saw the ghost which is very very the hilarious. Hahaha. But I wouldn't recommended you guys to pay and watch cos it's not worth it. Wait for THE POSSESSION. I bet it would be a nice one! =D

But, thanks to NUFFNANG and CHURP2 for this premiere screening though! =)

And you know what, after 4 almost 4 years I know Angel, this is the first time LIKE SERIOUSLY we were watching movie together. HAHAHAHAHA

Tee-Heeee XOXO

Watch the trailer of the movie here:

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