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Tuesday, July 24, 2012


This is it! Finally the prize is here.:DDDD

After all the hard work. We made it to second place! =D Well for those of you who were wondering what is this all about, let me tell you. Few weeks back, me and Mr.Aris decided to participate in a contest by Starbucks Malaysia. More info @ HERE

And yeah! With all the video shooting again and again, Ngs here and there, silly and crazy stunts in the shop, my sleepless night to edit the video before the submission date dues, it's all worth it. 

Watch the video @ HERE (I know my editing skill is sucks though =X)

And I'm so stupid to record the video vertically which makes the video look so skinny! Arghhhhh.. =X And it was recorded with my iPhone so the video might be a little bit shaky cos I'm not like a pro so yeah. Hehe. 

But anyhow... once again, thank you Starbucks Malaysia. =)

*And to everyone who asked, you guys want the voucher ke?

Well, ermmm... see how you all treat me lah!! hahaha.
Just joking. We'll see lahh =p

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