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Wednesday, July 25, 2012

When I woke up at 3pm.

I was in the car with Ester(I must be missing her too much already =P), my ex-colleague and don't why out of the sudden our car crash off from a very high place and the car flew up to the sky. But it didn't fell off but it keep flying like a rocket (LIKE A BOSS!!!) Hahaha XD But our reaction was like OMG!!!! AHHHHH!!! HELP!!! I'M GONNA DIE!!! That kind of reaction. Just imagine that. LOL. Until some point the car finally fell down but both of us were safe. It's not like an accident but turns out to be a flying car that brought us to somewhere else. Haha. But nevermind, then we were suddenly at Menara Amfirst and head on to Groupon's office. Yeah, my first day starting work there. Wondering why would Ester who was the one who bring me go? Hahahaha. LOL. But then, the place was totally different. The wall was completely white and all the tables were in a big square. And one more funniest thing was, all of them were having steamboat. Weird I know but all I remember when I woke up it was already 3pm. HAHAHAHAHA. I believe there's more different part of story but I couldn't remember any of it except this because this is so real. LOL. Yeah. Was dreaming again. The end :)

But seriously, I miss all of them. Those crazy people. Especially my team. Isk iskk... :')
Wait for me. I'll come back for my internship if nothing goes wrong!
Tee-heee. Toodles =)

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