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Saturday, August 25, 2012

16 hours on a Saturday =)

Dim Sum nom nom for breakfast

Roadtrip to waterfall oh la la let's go! =D

And here we are! The main entrance to the waterfall =)

Shall we explore the wonderland now? =D

The journey starts off with a brigde. 

Oh and it's not that high though ^^

The pathway that we had to pass by.

And you will definitely see a lot a lot of fishes!!! Look at how clear the water is! =)

There's huge mushroom in the jungle too! Heheh =D

And prepare to get dirty on MUD =)
Okay I'm just joking. We went to the wrong path actually. HAHAHAHA

Keep on going.

There are total of six crossings of rivers and YES we have to go through every crossings.

Let's take a short break. We'll be back after this commercial! LOLLL XD

More and more fishes when you are getting nearer to the waterfall =)

After almost 2 hours of exploring the jungle, we finally reach the waterfall oh yeah babehhh =D We keep on stopping by to take pictures that's why it took us longer time to reach. LOLL

We're awesome and we know it =)

This is like a jacuzzi but a cold one! Haha =D


Not only Wai How, someone also syok sendiri! This picture is not on Facebook! HAHAHA
You guess who? ;)

Awesome Elinia shot by Iojh. Taken by his iPhone4s. 

Open during Friday to Sunday only. 
But you may attempt to enter illegally on other days if you want. Well I did it before. HAHAHAHA. 

Bye byeee. Till next time then! =D
More pictures of the Chilling waterfalls @ HERE =)

Head on to Decanter at PJ for dinner! Nom nom time =)
Black pepper grilled chicken

Cheesy chicken chop

Banana Peach Crumble. (THIS IS SUPER GOOD!!!)

After that, we send Mr.Wai How to Unique Seafood Restaurant for his family reunion dinner and 4 of us head on to Setia City Mall for movie! Hehehe. 

I don't know why Ivan and Darryl say this movie sucks because I think not bad lohh. Quite meaningful and touching and obviously funny since it's directed by Namewee. And I have to say that he's a really talented guy as he could really write, sing, act, and produce awesome creative songs and movie. And the production of this movie takes place in KLANG! Haha. Rated 7/10 =D 

So as concluded by Ivan. This is how we spend our 16 hours on a Saturday!

Tee-Heee =D

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