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Tuesday, August 14, 2012

Premiere Screening of ParaNorman

Thanks Nuffnang. You are awesome as always :)

A cartoon movie finally after quite some time. Love this movie! Especially the fat boy. Danggg cute.. haha :) I can't imagine if zombies really appear in our neighborhood. Can you? And I wonder what would it look like if I can really see ghosts. The moment where my grandfather sit in my house living room? Omgieee.. The ghosts in the real life seems more scary. As what I know from what I saw in the movies lahhh. Okayy it's ghost season soon. Don't wanna talk more further about it. I'm quite coward actually. =P 
Rate this movie 8/10 =)

Bet you would laugh when you saw this scene ;)

Trailer of the movie:

Thanks for the accompany.  =)

P/s: You look nice with the new hair cut :P

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