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Tuesday, August 28, 2012

Premiere Screening of The Possession

Thanks to Nuffnang yo! First time watch movie at Pavilion KL. Feel so awesome and high class lahhh. Okay I sound so sua ku right now. @.@ Actually I won two movies today but at different place. Another movie was The Watch at One Utama. Impossible la I cut myself into half and watch both movies at the same time right? Haha. So end up Loo See, Chern Yang, Victor and Soon Ming went for the movie while me, Ivan, Wai How, Mc, Regine, and Vivian went for this creepy movie. LOL. Movie freak I know right.. Haha. XD Heard from them the alien movie was very funny. Shall watch it when I got the chance. Hehe. Meanwhile, back to The Possession.. Firstly.. I really seriously think that it's not that scary as what I expected. Too high expectation I guess?? >.< But I did got scared and screamed out once. I guess everyone sure will get shock at that moment too. LOL. Watch it and you'll know what I meant =D Overall not bad though. Love the two small kids, Hannah and Emily. Em's eyes are really big. @.@ Rated 8/10 =)

It's based on a true story mannn. Kesian those people who kena possessed :( Okay it's ghost season now. Let's don't talk more about this. Haha. 

Here's some "qi kek" moment during the movie:


Watch the trailer below:

What's next? Tee-heee XOXO

Nightlife at KL justnow. So prettyyyy =)


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