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Monday, August 27, 2012

Premiere Screening of Sadako 3D

Thanks to Nuffnang and darling Valerie for the movie ticket. I didn't notice the existence of this contest until she told me. LOL. Hahahaha. XD But anyway, this was my first time watching Japan ghost movie at the cinema. And the first time at Paradigm Mall too. I seriously don't like the seating of the cinema. So uncomfortable. Add on with the 3D specs which make me feel more dizzy.. Ewwww @.@ But the 3D effect was awesome la. It seems like the hand is touching me when it came out from the screen. And and and the main actor look like Kento weyyy. >.< HAHAHAHA. And and and all the Japanese actress really kawaii nehhh. :p Ok overall the movie is so so scary only. At least better than the Thai Mae Nak. LOL. And thanks to Happy for the accompany. =) Rate this movie 7.5/10 =)

Okay this story happen because of this guy. LOLL

Watch and you'll know =)

Watch the trailer below:

The Possession's up next!!! Another ghost movie tomorrow. Haha. =D

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