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Saturday, September 29, 2012

290912 the day full of ♥

Oh la la. September, the month of love where many couples getting married. So far this is my 2nd wedding dinner for the month. Big congrats to Carmen's bro. Hope you will stay happy and sweet with your wife. ^^ And you know what, Allan's sister had her wedding dinner on the same day too but different place lah. What a coincidence. And I'm sure many other happy couples do too. Huat ahhhh!!! =D So let's get back to my dinner. LOL

Venue: Toh Yuen Chinese Restaurant
Rating: 6/10
Comment on food: So so only. 

I left to the washroom so this dish was eaten halfway jor that's why it look not so nice =p

Spotted which dish did  I missed out? LOL. XD

The secondary school mates =) [two person went back earlier jor]

Carmen, Janete, and me =)

The counting to 10 is always longer at this moment. (If you get what I meant. ;p)

Congrats Mr.Loke and wife! (Someone claimed that he look likke Fei Mau-the thinner version) 


2nd time wearing this dress and am definitely having a hard time to adjust the nu bra. LOL

 Head on to Wai How's Botanic House for the birthday surprise after that. And you know what? I expect to see the house will be full of lights, lanterns, candles all around the house. But, it was am mo mo when I get there ._____________. I thought I went to the wrong house for one moment. LOL. Everyone was inside the house don't know do what. And oh the balloons.. I thought I would see a lot of balloons decoration all around the house but it's all on the floor got lah. Haha. End up we used it to play the cheong mun yan 1-100 game. So qi kek yet fun! =D Cos the moment you said the "mystery number", the balloon on your hand will straight burst. Thanks to Wai How's fork. EPIC! LOLL =DD

 We all definitely had a great time! =D

The candles decorations that we all prepared for Shirley =)

I know.. So pretty kan.. =) All thanks to this too, I have a beautiful cover picture on Facebook now. ee-heee =D The surprise was a success. Yay!!!



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