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Saturday, September 8, 2012

Hennessy Artistry Party Sept'12

It's back yo!!! As what I heard, this is the 2nd event where the 1st one was at Penang previously and there gonna be another one this coming Nov. And thinking back to last year, the BIGGEST HENNESSY event as what they called it was during Nov 12 also. So I assume that the coming NOV would definitely be a BLAST? Hell yea! =D And I so wanna go again! Wootsss =) Hopefully the event is not out of KL. *Pray hard* So talking about this event that held during September. Well.. it wasn't that fun compared to the event that I went last year. This time it was like more to techno music where all the DJs play their music all while last year.. Can you guys still remember who came? Oh my my.. we have Chris Brown, Landy Wen, Park Jung Min, Yolanda Be Cool and Goldfish & Blink. All of them were so awesome and all of us were so darn high like nobody's business! See what's happening during the last year Hennessy Event that we went. =) HAHA. Well.. not to say the current one was not fun because I think all of us did enjoyed till the max! (Mostly overmax I suppose? =P)  Oh and it's my 21st birthday too! HAHAHA =D

Details of the event:
Venue: Level 15, Kenanga Wholesale City
Date: 08.09.2012 (Sat)
Time: 8pm till late.


Okay it's our camwhore time now! XOXO 

View more pictures from this few people's FB profile =P

Till we meet again at the next Hennessy Artistry event! Woohoooo Party Rock ;)

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