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Wednesday, September 19, 2012

Premiere Screening of Bait

Other than Nuffnang, thanks to Joeann for your ticket. It was just so random and last minute. I was on the way back to Klang from college until I received a message from my friend, Joeann who gave me a offer on this movie because she couldn't make it. So after sending Darryl back home, Mr.Raymond and me went all the way to KLCC just for the sake of this movie. HAHAHA. I was suppose to have my badminton date and I canceled it because I wanna do my assignment but who knows.. I can't resist this free movie offer. HAHAHAHA. And thank god it's worth it for us to go all the way to KLCC to watch this movie. BAIT. 


This movie is so much better than Piranha la please Willis. He say this movie is lame. Two sharks appear and eat people. Well sure la this is a shark movie what you expect kan? Haha. Well my comment for this movie is that it's kinda qi kek and funny. There's few part that I kena shocked. And all the audience will start laughing and giggling after the shocking part. (Normal reaction. LOL) There's few familiar faces that I know such as the two Singapore guy, the lady(Tina) who was in Step Up 3, and the main actor(Josh) looks like SAM TSUI weyyyy!!! LOLLL (like seriously or maybe my eye got problem.) Go google it yourself and compare lahhh "Xavier Samuel" =D And the two couple at the carpark with their Pomeranian dog, Gucci so damn cute lahhh. Watch it and you guys would for sure love them both. =) Overall, the whole movie was good. Rated 8/10 =)

Watch trailer below:

Hotel Transylvania up next! Tee-Heee... XD

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