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Sunday, September 16, 2012

Rock Cup Cafe Grand Opening Ceremony

Hey guys, check this cafe out yo! It's just started on the beginning of August. My friend was the one of the so called boss at the cafe. So yeah.. Do support them yo. I've tried the chicken chop and it's really good! And you know what I love most? It comes with WED-GESSSSS. Oh my godddd you know how much I love wedgesss? Not to say I don't like fries I love anything that is POTATO! HAHAHA. But yeah wedges would come first before french fries :D I forgot to snap the food photos because I was too excited for my friend's dance performance as it was the opening ceremony day! It's basically a theme cafe with the theme of police station. They actually have a jail in it. How cool was that! =D I've even heard from people that there's a Hospital theme cafe at I-don't-know-where but I would love to go if I have the opportunity! :p So here's some pictures of the cafe that I took:

So you can be a prisoner for few hours if you eat inside! Hehehh =D

Oh look who's in the jail! HAHAHA

From right: XinYi, Chriz, Happy, XinHui, and Chun Ken

The photobooth corner. My dress totally match the theme don't you think? HAHAHA

The staff of the cafe that actually wore a police uniform too =)

The menu =)

Camwhore session.. 3..2..1..ACTION!!!! =DDD

There's actually more but I don't wanna make you bored! HAHA =P

Performance time! I just took the pictures of pole dancing and video of hip hip dance. There's also singing performance by my very own friend, Ee Ching. Awesome voice she had =)

Pole dancing by dancer from MoonWalker studio =)

Then suddenly the fireworks interfere! They also want to perform I guess! HAHAHA. Okay I'm just joking. There's a prayer event going down downstairs actually. But it's a good thing also. Enjoy it together! HUAT AHHHHH =DD 

I'm proud of my phone camera quality actually. HAHAHAHA =P

Ok continue with the 2nd performance again. XD

Here's the video of the hip hop dance performance by dancers from The Move Dance Studio =)

Can anyone get me a spec like this? So nice kannn. Find everywhere but still couldn't find it =(

Toodles! =)

Here's the details of the restaurant: 

Rock Cup Cafe Facebook Page
Location: No.30B, Pelangi Avenue, Jalan Kelicap 42A/KU 1, Off Jalan Meru, 41050 Klang
Phone: 03-3342 9288

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