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Monday, September 24, 2012

Short semester short update

This semester is really getting more and more intense. So fast, it's already week 3 which means there's 5 more weeks to go to the end of semester. I'm only taking two subject this semester which is INT311 and ENG200 and there's no final exam for ENG200. Which means that INT311 would be the last and very the last final exam paper that I gonna sit for. Huhu.. No final exam which means also 100% coursework which also means that there would be a lot of assignments and presentations and speeches in this case. Yeahhh I will have an Impromptu speech tomorrow omgggg kan cheong man this one. In case you don't know what is Impromptu speech, it means that you would pick up a topic given by the lecturer randomly, prepare and ready for 5 minutes and immediately deliver the speech for 2 minutes. 7 people were selected this afternoon and everyone was like "OMG PLEASE DON'T PICK ME!!! NOT ME PLEASE!" Yeah I'm sure you know the feeling. DUHHH. Other than that, we were divided into a group of three randomly for our small group presentation for 6 minutes. I think it's pretty easy lah cos 6 minutes only per group. (bangga pulak) LOLL And guess what, one of my groupmate was a Korean mother, YES YOU HEARD ME. A 45 years old korean mother who has a daughter as big like me claimed by her justnow. Shock? Yeah me too!!! But I guess everything is gonna be alright. Alright, update till here. Off to bed =) Can't wait for movie tomorrow night. Tee-heee =D

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