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Sunday, September 9, 2012

Summary of my semester break. ;)

16/8 (Thurs)- Last paper which means....

HOLIDAYYYYYY!!!!! =DDDD Semester break for 3 weeks oh la la :DDD

This is what I wrote from the first day of my sem break! HAHAHAH =DD

17/8 Fri- Went Jugra Hill with family in the morning and The Mist at night (Sudden plan few hours before going. So long didn't club jor. Qi kek. HAHAHA)
18/8 Sat- Spend time at my grandma's house. Overnight there after so long. Plan to go Genting but cancelled.
19/8 Sun- SELAMAT HARI RAYA!!! Spending whole day with family and relatives. Bah Kut Teh(breakfast) -> Setia City Mall -> Under the tree Eng Ann -> Jusco Bukit Raja -> Dinner at night :DDD
20/8 Mon- No Monday Blues because it's holiday!!! =) But I stayed home whole day today :X
21/8 Tues- Nando's and Expendables2 with Ivan, Loo See, Loo See's bro and cousin.
22/8 Wed- Badminton with Mc, Cy, Ls, Sm, Shirley and Suvy
23/8 Thurs- Afternoon: Morib + Dong Zhan Si with mum and bro. Night: Celebrate Chriz's birthday with dance buddies
24/8 Fri- Tao's Drum Art Performance at KLCC Plenary Hall with Cy, Victor and Wai how.
25/8 Sat- Road waterfall trip: Dim sum -> Chilling Falls -> Decanter, PJ -> Night: Hantu Gangster at Setia City Mall
26/8 Sun- Went Amah house in the noon and steamboat with dance buddies at Zhen Zhen Hau Restaurant, Bukit Tinggi.
27/8 Mon- Premiere Screening of Sadako 3D with Happy at Paradigm Mall.
28/8 Tues- Premiere Screening of The Possession with Ivan, Wai How, Mc, Regine, and Vivian at Pavilion KL.
29/8 Wed- Sing K with Ivan, Loo See, and Wai How at Facekara, Sunway Pyramid.
30/8 Thurs- BBQ at Ee Ling's house.
31/8 Fri- MERDEKA!!!! Prepare and buy things for PD Trip with Cy and Loo See.
1/9 Sat- PD Trip + Cc's farewell + 1st birthday celebration
2/9 Sun- PD Trip + Malacca short road trip
3/9 Mon- Monday really BLUE because I stay home all day. LOL. Last Monday also. Hahaha
4/9 Tues- Starbucks talk at night with Loo See and Shirley. :)
5/9 Wed- Stay home whole day :X
6/9 Thurs- Nom at aunt's house -> Sing k at Neway Centro with 5 hot chicks: Ls, Valerie, Sin Yee, Ocy, and Angel (2nd birthday celebration with two cakes =P) -> Shopping + Delicious at Sunway Pyramid with Wai How and Loo See
7/9 Fri- Dye hair ^^
9/9 Sun- Bah kut teh for brunch with Wai How and Loo See -> Dinner with sis and Sm at Ngor Jie
10/9 Mon- Here we go again.... SEPT12 Semester.. MY LAST SEMESTER of College Life =)

Looking forward on this semester. Two more subjects to go and I'm officially done from my college life. After that would be internship and work life. :))


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