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Sunday, September 2, 2012

We rock Pee Deee ;)

And so this is where I went for trips and holidays during my 3 weeks sem break. Port Dickson and a short little while to Malacca after two days one night at PD. =)

So here we go, at the morning, Wai How, Loo See, Ivan and me went to the 500king which is the famous Roti Canai restaurant at Pandamaran Jaya. (They call it "500king" which means five hundred restaurants. LOLL) After that, we head on to fetch Miss Shirley and Suvy and then our journey to PD begans. Woots!! =D 

And we never fail to stop by here everytime when we visit Port Dickson. Hehehe. The famous Lucky Bun Restaurant! Okay now I'm missing the Curry Bun. Nom Nommm. =D

So shall we proceed to our hotel to check in now? Tee-heee =D

Okay, we got a new friend! =p

And here we are! Our grand room. Amazing isn't it? RM806 per night totally worth it =)
What you can find in the room:
Private swimming pool (select rooms)
Separate toilet & bath

Coffee/tea maker
Electric kettle
Ceiling fan
Ironing & ironing board (on request)
Astro TV (19 channels)
IDD telephone

This is how life should be right? =)

And here they are. Another car then arrived. Let's welcome Catherine, Cy, Victor, Jean, and Jac! ^^

Let's enjoy! =)

It's nommm timeee ^^

And I had my 1st birthday celebration here. Well I was sort of a little bit surprised although I got a sense of feeling of what they plan to do already. Because they use the same tactic back then during last year at Genting. Hahaha. LOL =D But still, thanks guys. =)

And thanks to Mr.Chern Yang for the pressie. Really love it. =)

And with the bottle, I have more Nike babiesss... wheeeee ^^
So anyone wanna get me more? I have a list of things that I don't have yet at the page on top of my blog above. MUAHAHAHA =P

Au Revoir PD. Till we meet again next time! =)

MALACCA here we come!!!! XOXO We just went there to EAT. Yeah. LOL.

And then we went back to Klang to eat again! HAHAHA. 

More pictures can be viewed HERE =)

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