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Friday, October 26, 2012

Happy birthday Mr.Triangle!

So this is the plan. We decided to have a BBQ Party to celebrate Mr.Wai How's birthday at his house where he don't know anything at all about this plan. Haha. So the plan is Ivan, Shirley, Suvy, Catherine will bring him to One Utama for lunch and movie while the rest of us will go his house to prepare for the surprise. Of course we pakat with her family jor lah. Haha. At first we planned to make him gan jiong by telling him his house got sneaked in by thieves but then his mum said he won't got trick with this idea so end up his mum just asked him to come home quickly. Haha. 

So Catherine, Cy, and me 7 early 8 early go buy all the ingredients and whatever that we need for our BBQ party!

Macam aunty je. Hahahaha XD

While the rest of us susah-susah preparing the foods and blowing + decorating with balloons they all enjoying their super look so delicious yummy fooddddd!!! Treat by birthday boy somemore. I'm gonna claim back also soon! Muahahahaha XD

This was a cincai celebration to make him disappointed. 

Indeed, he said he was thinking where would the rest of us could be. He expect that we would appear and give him a surprise at One U but NOOOOO!!! HAHAHAHA. So I guess we kinda success also though! =P 

Look at then "candle" that Ivan's holding. HAHAHAHA

Back to his house where the surprises are awaitinggggg. Oh yeahhhhhhh =D

Some of the balloons =p



All of us hide inside his room when he got back. We manage gave him a first big surprise. Yayyyyy!!! And to forgotten his second big surprise where Joyling was waiting for him at the kitchen for his Egg knock knock! HAHAHAHA. And indeed, it was a SUCCESS tooooo. Poor Wai How. HAHAHA. But it was his house so he can bath anytime so no problem lahhhh =P

Yayyyy HAPPY BIRTHDAY Wai How =)

I got him a Insta pillow because I LOVE IT not because he love it. HAHAHAH =P

And the epic one! Don't know what's wrong with him. Couldn't afford to go for real tattoo I think. HAHAHAHA =P

And he's really proud of that I guess! :P

*Didn't took much photo because everyone was busy barbeque-ing that night and we all sure did had fun and I think Wai How sure did enjoyed his birthday celebration too! Big clap for all of us yayyyy!!! *clap clappp* =) 

Hope you'll get a girlfriend soon. Hehehe =D

So what's next? NOV BABIES are up next yo!

Till then! Tee-heeee =D

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