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Saturday, October 13, 2012

NIKE We Run KL 2012

Yoyoyo!!! I said from last year that I would join Nike Run 2012 and here I am! Woohoooooo!!! And I'm just awesome the way I am because I managed to complete 10km run. Well of course not run non-stop for 10km la. Run jog walk take picture drink 100plus you know la all those stuffs. Haha. But anyway, it was so awesome you know. The feeling when I passed the starting line, all the main organizers and those TOP V.I.P. people or whoever relevant to it were clapping and motivating us as we run. I feel so excited when I started running. After all, I've not been getting myself in running for like don't know 216358740123810n years already! HAHAHA. And Mr.Wai How, please take M size Running Tee for me next year. I'm not as slim as you thought. Haha @_@

Here's me at the starting point Tee-heeee

Hoong Fong, Me, Soon Ming, and Leon =)


We were standing so far from the starting line. I think by the time we reached the starting line, all those runners who stand infront already run 3km jor. LOL.

Oh and look who's here. Say hi to JJ and Ean from Hitz.Fm =)

Halfway running and I really get demotivated when I see so many runners are way infront of me. :X

Just look at that. To reach them, I have a long way to go to reach the place they were.

Oh and I love this! People passing tolls. So cool! HAHAHA ;)
Hi there. LOL.

So happy when we saw this. Finally we reached the U-turn point. HAHAHA

Sorry people for causing terrible vegetable blueberry jam. All the vehicles had to stop when we run across the road.

Finally reached the end point. Yeah I know, it's dark already. Imagine how long I took to finish the run? =P

Que to take our Finisher Tee. =) And I really hate the stupid rain that causes the whole field wet and muddy. My poor baby shoes were all dirty. :(

But it's really nice lahhhh ;)

Meet the fabulous US ;)

And, the partay still goes on I guess! Macam Arthur's Day pulak niiii HAHA

But we didn't stay for the party though. Were so tired and hungry so we went to Viva Mall to had our dinner before heading back to Klang. Looking forward for next year. Wonder what colour would the theme be then. Last year red, this year green next year blue? Yellow? Haha.

Here's my timing:

Yeah yeahhhh I know I sucks but I will train and for sure do better next year! I promise!

Till then! :)

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