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Wednesday, October 3, 2012

Premiere Screening of House at the end of the street

You know what? I won four tickets and my sister won two tickets. She gave hers to me because she said she couldn't make it. Then oklah which makes me have 6 tickets in total. My ticket was for Wai How, Darryl, and Ivan. Then that poor guy suddenly sick so he couldn't make it. So I got like extra 3 tickets. I keep on asking friends from everywhere to come and join me for the movie. I ask around Facebook, Twitter, whatsapp, sms, and everywhere lahhh. And very very thank god none of them can make it. You know why? Because the two ticket that my sister won, is for another screening! =.= I was like why isn't her name at the list when I want to redeem her ticket. LOLL. This is the consequences of poor communication. I called her and asked why didn't she tell me at the first place, then she would say I didn't ask. And the Nuffnang staff was laughing at me also. "Wrong screening" HAHAHA. Seems like god has plan and arrange well. I really don't know what to do if those people that I called could make it to the movie. @.@

And I really don't know what happen to Wai How because he wouldn't tell and I won't force him too. Wait till he willing to tell then I would listen. He left after he received a call while we were eating. Sounds and looks serious but I don't know what. And his noodles was like still full. But he went back just like that. Luckily Willis went for the screening too, if not I think Darryl and I have to call someone to come rescue us already. =X

Ok, enough of stories let's get back to movie. Of course first of all, thanks to Nuffnang and ChurpChurp for letting me to win this contest. =)

ChurpChurp's staff came late so I didn't snap it along with its badge =p

And stupid me I thought this is a ghost movie then I realized it's not! Darryl almost feel asleep few times cos he said this movie is so lame. He say he don't feel anything. LOL. But I get shocked several times though. I know I wasn't the only one because WILLIS FELT THE QI-KEK-NESS TOO!!! HAHAHAHA. There's one part where the girl shoot the guy. And you know lah the moment where the qikek sound will play for quite some time and then suddenly the guy woke up and all the audience will get shocked! Willis said, "Just shoot and go lah bodoh!" Why so long wan? Hahahaha. So I guess you people should really watch it and feel the qi-kek-ness too! :P

I expect more leh. LOLL :P

I was pretty surprised of the ending. And it was so sad lahh :X

I asked Willis, "What would you do if you mum assumed you as Valerie"...
"I'll kill my mum!" he replied .
HAHAHA. He was joking of course. LOL. This is just a movie and Ryan's mum is real psycho. LOL

Overall, the story plot not bad lah. Rated 8/10 =)

Watch the trailer below:

Till then =D

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