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Wednesday, October 17, 2012

Premiere Screening of Sinister

Thanks Nuffnang yo! :p Many people asked how do I get all these premiere tickets. I've blogged about it at HERE. Check it out! =)

Well well well.. What can I say about this movie? Many people asked me at Facebook whether is this movie nice. Well, to me this movie are kinda dragging because they only show us what's everything about at the end of the movie. But it made me suspicious and gan jiong for the entire movie la. When I feel there's the part where I'm gonna scream out any moment, I would close my mouth with my hand but actually it's nothing. Haha ._. I don't remember I scream maybe just got shocked like once or twice? Haha. Overall, the plot of the stroy was good I think. The ending was really unexpected. Not bad =) Rated 8/10.

Watch the trailer below:

Frankenweenie next Tuesday! Tee-Heee :p

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