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Tuesday, October 16, 2012

Premiere Screening of Ted

Thank you ChurpChurp! =) Nuffnang didn't choose me as one of the winner but nevermind. Might be not so lucky for this movie but am definitely lucky to win tomorrow's movie, Sinister! Hehehhhh. Prepare for the horrorrrrrr... Muahahahaha (or not?)  

This movie is super cute funny and also rude. LOL. It's not a good idea for kids to watch actually because it contains quite a lot of rude words although some part were been cut off. They cut of the thunder buddy song. ._. Why Malaysia whyyyyyy. Potong steam you tau? LOL. And you know what? After the show start for like 5 minutes, the whole screen go blackout! (FOR SERIOUS) Everyone started to mumbling here mumbling there then the movie was replay again from where it stopped. HAHAHA . Well luckily they replay lah if not people sure bising wan. LOL But anyway, the whole movie was awesome! Must must watch you people! Rated 9.5/10 =D

From left: Valerie, me, and Sin Yee :)

Watch the trailer because there's few part was cut off LOL

Sinister tomorrow! =D

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