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Saturday, October 6, 2012


WHYYYYYYYY WHY WHY.... Why you just don't let me to eat my BBQ Plaza. So many people lah when we went there at Setia Mall justnow =(((((((( Arghhh craving for it so much. Long time didn't eat jor lahh. =XXX Arghhhh nevermind.. :/ Oh I watched Hotel Transylvania again justnow! And this time in 3D! =D But I guess it doesn't make big difference though. LOL. But still, i enjoyed the whole movie although I already knew what's gonna happen. Hahax. Anyways, check this out:

I love it so much. So nice right? Same phone, same casing, same wallpaper, and if you really noticed we are wearing almost the same colour of dress in the picture =) *That silly girl purposely changed her time to 24-hour format just to match mine. And she don't know what time was it! HAHAHA :p*

Oh and I'm glad I finished my speech for coming Tuesday justnow. Tee-heee.. Guess it's just the annotated bibliography left! Done with a short update on my Friday night. Shall sleep now. Till then! Goodnight peeps =)

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