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Tuesday, October 2, 2012

Who hate me so much?

I just found out a fake profile of mine at Facebook this morning. I was searching for my name for my new friend to add me on, then I was like Ehhh? Why is there another Carrie Yap with my picture on it? Apa lagi.. stun terus lahh!!! :X

He or she must be hating me so much? I don't know why. :X I don't remember making anyone angry or argued with anyone or hurt or harm anyone which makes someone need to do this. Well maybe I did but I didn't realize. What do you get in doing this? Well thank god it's nothing serious or sensitive. :X

And you know what was the scary thing about it? I don't know how, where, or when this faker took or copied my photos away because there are some photos that neither did me or my friends who had those particular photos uploaded it. I mean, no one uploaded it so how did the fella got all those photos? @.@

All this Smurfs photos.. no one uploaded it before. So how did the fella got all this photos to upload? Not only this of course, there are few more other photos. Some even duplicate because when I uploaded it on Instagram, then the Instagram photo will automatically saved in the Camera Roll. So I can confirmed that he/she must have copied my whole album of my Iphone's photo.

So I came up with few assumption.
1. That fella might copied out the whole album of my Iphone photos when I plug in my phone to charge on someone's laptop.
2. That fella just copied it without letting me know from my hard disk.

I think I should thank that person also because I lost all my photos because my hard disk was spoil and I deleted some of it from my phone already. So I managed to save down some of those photos that I don't have. LOLL. Should I asked him/her to upload all of them too so I could track back all my photos? -.-

No matter who or what is his/her purpose, I just hope that Facebook would take this account down as soon as possible. And to do that, I would need all of you people's help to report on this profile.

Just go to this link: -> click on the arrow button beside the "Message" and you'll see the report/block button. Just follow the instruction after that.


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