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Thursday, October 18, 2012

Win Premiere Screening Movie Tickets with Nuffnang and Churp Churp.

Many people who saw me posting premiere screening tickets on Facebook always asked me how come I always got premiere screening tickets. It's like "Why you got so many premiere tickets wan?", "How come you always get premiere screening?" and stuffs like that. Haha. Now let me tell you. I got all the premiere screening movie tickets by joining movie contest from NUFFNANG and CHURP CHURP. Basically, they often have all this movie contest for bloggers and users to win a pair of tickets per person. All you need to do is to comment your answer based on the question that they asked at the blog post. Different movie would come with different question. =) Sometimes, if the organizer were "kind and generous enough" haha.. they would offer merchandizes for few best comments. Depends on how the Nuffnang people would put the contest on. Like the one I joined previously for Step Up Revolution contest, we were required to blog on it. So it's like more challenging because we need to blog and yeah of course, is worth it because all the merchandizes are like fuhhhhh.. sweater, shirt, bottle, watch, original soundtrack cd and etc. I got the cd while my friend won himself one male and one female tank top. And it's mine because he couldn't wear it.HAHAHAHA. But how awesome was that la kann. All you need is just blog and comment and you could win great prizes and watch the movies before it release in all the cinemas! They would send an email to notify you if you're one of the winner. Be sure to RSVP back to them on time as they would pass it on to their standby winners if you didn't reply. =) Haha. So don't jealous why I always got to watch, you guys can actually join along as well.

First, you would need to be a Nuffnang and ChurpChurp users. If you aren't one, just go to their website to register as one! =D

For Nuffnang, you would need to have a blog and NuffnangX account because they require us to insert our URL links along with our comments. So if you don't have a blog then go register one at and to have a NuffnangX account, just go to register.

While as for Churpchurp, you'll need to comment on the FB page that they created and submit your permalink link of your comment at the space that they provide at their blog post. Just read their blog post lahhh, they have all the instructions there already. =)
So just check this two links here oftenly for their movie contest: (NUFFNANG) and (CHURP CHURP)

I love to join all this kind of contest especially when I'm a movie freak where I have this weird hobby of movie tickets collection and I always blog on movie reviews all. And who don't wish to watch premiere screening like duhhh? I mean, you can watch it first before everyone else weyyy. =D
Here's some of my collection of all the premiere screening that I watched before. This was taken on 30/8/2012. :) The latest movie that I went for is Ted and Sinister. Frankenweenie is upnext next week.
*Brag sikit hahahaa :p*

So good luck yo people! Tee-Heeee. Gotta start cracking my head for the Skyfall entry. Haha. Till then! Toodle! :p

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