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Tuesday, November 27, 2012

Bro and I.

My bro and I were sort of like having a movie Marathon today. I guess both of us at home were too bored haha. We watched a Singapore ghost movie, "鬼也笑", John Carter, Harry Potter and the Sorceror's Stone, and Gulliver's Travel. We've watched before all of them except John Carter. Yeahhh.. Sometimes we just would watch back all the movies that we watched before and we would still enjoy it! :) so there's this part when we watch John Carter that I find our conversation funny!

Here's what happen:

In the movie, there's a planet called Barsoom so called as the Mars. In Barsoom, there's three cities and countries I'm not sure named:

Blue gang: Helium
Red gang: Zodanga
Green gang: Tharks

Complicated right? Haha. And their earth is so called at Jasoom. LOL. I was kinda confused at first because there's so many weird names. Then I questioned my bro.

Me: So the planet is Barsoom. Then Helium is the good one and Zodanga is the bad one. Are they like cities or something?
Me: Ohhhhhhhhh... *Then quiet for awhile* Why you so clever wan ah? Hahaha
My bro: Look at me one kind and we continue to watch the movie and eat out Maggie XD

HAHAHAHAHAHA. Sometimes I just think that I'm so silly. I guess my 13 years old brother is really getting big already. Remind me of the refrigerator case. Totally troll!!!! Hahaha

Oh and there's this magic word if you wanna teleport yourself somewhere.

"Ock ockhem ocktei wies Barsoom"

If you wanna go Pavilion for example, you just say: Ock ockhem ocktei wies Pavilion!

Try it lah okay? XD

Oh btw, am gonna bring my bro for a cartoon premiere screening tomorrow. Hehe. Goodnight for now ;)

How time fliessss.... =)

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