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Sunday, November 4, 2012

H-Artistry Nov 2012 @ MIECC KL

So here is it. The 2nd Hennessy Artistry Party that we've went to this year. And it's the finale event of the year too and all of us expect that it gonna be so so so epic and BIG and AWESOME? But.. I guess to all of us who went last year will felt the same way as how I felt where this year's party was not so nice after all. To me, it's really kinda bored and not high. =X But it doesn't matter because it's an free event by invitation though. Won from Facebook contest again. Teeheee. Rate this event 5/10 though. LOL. I need a better one next year please! :X
So yeah, not gonna talk much more about it where I gonna let my pictures do the talking job now. =D

Selca camwhore-ness time! =P

Love this shot so much! Heyyyy sexayy ladehh in the house yo! =P
(From left: Lyshane, Sin Yee, Me, Loo See, Sher Teng, and Wai mun)

Mr.Chern Yang and I

With the cute hamster! =P

With the sweet couple: Miss Vivian and love

With another sweet couple: Mr.Alson and Miss Regine

From left: Darryl, Jackson, and Wai How

Mr.Willis and I

Miss Sindy and I

Oh and what a coincidence, Rabbit and I also met few of Groupon peeps there! Hehe

So yeah I think that's pretty much all about it. Bah Kut Teh after the party as usual and off we go home where few more hours pia chiong K for Mr.Cy's birthday celebration! Heheh.

View more pictures @ HERE @ HERE @ HERE =)

Look up for Hennessy Malaysia Facebook Page as I think they gonna have the event like every year. Of course, I'll be joining it again as well. (Like DUHHH) Haha. =P

Check out my post for the previous Hennessy Party =)

Till 2013 then! =)

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