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Friday, November 9, 2012

Happy belated birthday Ivan Ong Jian Hau

Since our dear Mr.Ong couldn't make it on last Sunday, so we came out with another celebration for him. All of us were deciding whether to go Movida since there were promotion but since many of us don't feel like drinking so end up we went all the way to Kajang's 21st Century for dinner. The birthday boy said he almost died of hunger on the way there haha. Yeah man.. took us almost like an hour or more to reach the destination. LOL. I keep thinking. Came so far for the dinner, the food better be good.

And luckily it was good. Haha. =D
This is my cheese chicken hehehe. 

I didn't take much of other's food because all of us were so hungry already and the food came so fast and we couldn't wait to just eat it. Haha. But I think each of us ordered a different one and we get to taste most of the main meals there and it's super yummayyy. Haha. Don't know whether it's because we are too hungry already or the food was really nice. LOL. Omgggg but the grilled salmon really taste like HEAVEN. Fuhhhhh. The price was quite reasonable though because the portion was pretty big. Our poor Wai How aka MPK have another set of meal which consists of all the left food that they couldn't finish. He should not have order at first because he get to eat a new set meal for free. Haha. 

A little sneak peak of Wai How eating all the food that we gave him because we couldn't finish. =P

Details of restaurant:
21st Century Cafe, Jalan Bukit Indah, Taman Bukit Mewah, Kajang KL

Ok back to the birthday boy. Haha. We went there with three cars since there's 12 of us. When we were at one of the Klang traffic light, I threw one of the candle to another car through the window. End up, they also forgotten about it and didn't bring it down to the cafe, so the cake came out with only 12 years old candle. HAHAHAHAHA. Happy 12 then! =p 

Wish you would get a girlfriend soon who can help to pack your clothes when you go travel time. Don't complain so much while you haven't got one then =p

Edited this picture from Kajang to Subang! LOLLL (For real)

Took me so long to find a perfect frame box and arrange it so that I could get 4 box to make a whole big picture. If you understand what I meant. Haha. And I think that's it for November babies I guess? Or not? I don't know :XXX

But I guess that's all for now. Tee-heeee byeee =p

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