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Sunday, November 4, 2012

Happy birthday Lim Chern Yang!

The day before was HENNESSY party where most of us reached hom around 4-5am and we still have another celebration to go! Yeah!! It's our superstar LIM CHERN YANG's birthday! Hahaha. We planned to celebrate his and Ivan's birthday together since both was just side by side but the 0511 birthday boy couldn't make it. Enjoy betul tiap-tiap hari holiday. Hahaha. But our plan still goes on! Went to Centro Neway for Karaoke session! Sing from 1pm to 7pm really chiong ahhhhhhh. Hahahah. But all of us get to listen and got impressed by our Mr.Ernest. His voice was so dang good lahhh. I was really really impressed. For me, in the gang he would be No.2 after Cy. Hehehe. Everyone was like after he sang solo then Cy's turn to PK with him. It's like challenging among each other but just kidding around though. Haha.

So here's our birthday boy!!! Hehehhh =D

Glad that he can fit into the Superman T-Shirt. LOLL. Because this is how Wai How looks like when he test the shirt! HAHAHAHA

We got the same size for Cy so this shows that WAI HOW is more erhemmmm =P 

After sing K, we went to Jusco Bukit Raja for movie session. I was not feeling so well already that time and I don't think the movie would be nice because I heard some bad comments about it but since the birthday boy wanna watch it so okay lohhh. His birthday he big finish. Hahaha. =D

Rated this movie 7/10. Maybe because I'm tired or sleepy, I almost fell asleep during the movie but some parts really sien lohhhh. :X Overall was oklahhh, got shocked at the part when the creature suddenly appear beside the main actress at the theme park! LOL. If I got shocked already, imagine Miss Loo See? HAHAHAHA. She was kinda like been forced to watch the movie lahhh but give face to birthday boy also. Hahaha. For me, overall not so scary la after all. Just that the creatures are so creepy lahhh. LOLL. 

I give A+++ to whoever who created and designed all those creepy looks and don't know what creatures in the movie. And the makeup artist also. Because it really freaks me out and it's really scary! >.<

So yeah... SILENT HILL. What would you do if you were trapped inside too? Hahahaha.

Watch the trailer below:

I hope you'll get what you wished for. Seems that you wished quite long when before you blow your birthday cake. Haha. Hope you enjoyed your birthday celebration. Sorry if not everyone was able to make it. =( But I think you did had a great time with us too don't you? Hehehhh =)

So who's next? =P 

Mr.IOJH would be up next! Tee-Heee.. Stay tune =)

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