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Monday, November 19, 2012

Nommm at KL @ Early X'mas ♥

I guess today's post is all about FOOD and MORE FOODSSS. Yeahhh. Hahaha. Miss Loo See wanna get her work offer letter and go for medical checkup because that's the part of her work requirement. Yeah she gonna start work like finally! (No more measuring floor at home. Opsss :P) Glad and happy for her. She's gonna work for Public Bank at Klang I don't know which branch. LOL. Okay that's not the main point of this blog post anyway. HAHAHAHA. So yeahh, me and Mr.Cy accompany her to KL and lunch treat on our dai gah jehhh!!! Woohoooo =DDD

So while waiting for her to do medical check up, Cy and I went KLCC to see whether there's still free McD breakfast or not. And guess what, we were just on time! He's the number 999 and I'm the 1000! Wowww, it must be our lucky day yo! Because every McD outlet only limits the free McMuffin burger to 1000 customers!

So this is my Free McMuffin! Yayyyy!! (With 1 extra chicken slice because someone don't eat it hehehe)
I'm a happy girl =D

After that, we decided to wait for her at Starbucks because she said that the process gonna take like few hours? So I got my Starbucks Toffee Nut Frap with my Free Voucher of course! Hehehh

While Cy was ordering the drink for me, I got a Whatsapp message from her saying that she's done! LOL. It's like not even an hour I think! LOLLL. Nevermind lahhh, after she came and meet us we then head on to lunch! Ngek ngekkk.. this was the best part! HAHAHA. We decided to go Ben's. Well, we did ask her to look at the menu and the PRICE FIRST before we went inside the restaurant. But surprisingly, SHE SAID "OK AHHH" HAHAHA. We were like stunned for awhile but apalagi... Terus masuk lahhh!!! Boss said okay jor! HAHAHAH. 

Part of the menu list. (Source from: Google)

Oh and the best part also, they have this Table Talk Game Thingy. This is super good especially for those social junkers who would grab their phones once they ordered. (Yeah LIKE ME basically. Haha)
This game encourages us to TALK! Might sound LAME but it's kinda FUN at the same time though. Some questions would let you know about your friends that you don't know previously. =)

Some of the picture of the cards that I found from Google. 


And this is what we had! Omgggg the meal was like super heavenly yummy delicious! Super good and satisfied! =DDD

Teriyaki Salmon with Sesame Seed Crust with steamed rice & crunchy Japanese-style salad (RM39.90)
This freaking SALMON was HEAVEN!!!! I'm so gonna order this if I have the chance to dine there again =)

Char-grilled Chicken Breast in chicken jus with mashed potatoes & green beans (RM39.90)
I love the chicken but I don't love whatever it is inside the chicken! LOLL. Couldn't figure out what's that. So that's the so called "CHAR-GRILLED CHICKEN" I wonder what it is. :X

Ben's Cheeseburger on Sesame Seed Bun with cheddar slices & french fries (RM25.90)
Oh I think I forgot to taste Loo See's meal. LOL. This is the Sandwich. Yes BIG PORTION. She couldn't finish it also. Waste waste isk iskkkk.. :p

Red Velvet Cake - red sponge, chocolate ganeche & crem creese frosting (RM11.90)
We couldn't choose which dessert to order at first because all were so tempting and looks yummy! But we end up choosing this red velvet because neither any of us tried one before. But then, we were kinda disappointed lah because the cake look not so nice from the outside. (Yeah, outlook is important because we wanna take tones of pictures but... Now you know why none of us posted it on Instagram? :P HAHAHA) BUT BUT BUTTTTTT. Don't underestimate this particular cake. LOL. The cake is super yummy okay! Hahaha. Jinjia Don't judge a book by its cover. :D

Click HERE to find out more info about Ben's.

Then we went to Pavilion KL through the so called sky bridge. Finally get to walk through it. Been saying so long since I can't remember when. But it was nothing special though. I thought there would be those auto-moving walkway like those at the airport! Silly me I know. Oh I forget to take pictures of the bridge. Not attractive enough to remind me to take pictures I guess! HAHAHA.

But hey look at Pavilion's Christmas Deco! 
So pretty kan =)
(Tell me who won't stop by to snap picture if they sees these? Unless they're so in rush that they couldn't stop awhile to snap a picture lah! HAHA)

Our next food is also AWESOME POSSUM KAY!

Hereby, I present to you.............


Strawberry Tart from Komugi Cafe, Tokyo Street @ Pavilion KL
Omnomnommmmmm. Tempting? OMOOO (RM12 if not mistaken. Abang Cy's treat =P)

And sometimes, I'm just feel so proud of my 4s's camera quality! Hehehh =p

Final drink of the day! 

Chatime =D
I don't know how they could stuff anymore drinks inside their stomach because I'm like super FULL already! LOL

So that's the end of today's post. Three of us had an amazing foody day!


Thanks Boss Loo See. Lap youuuu! :P

Oh wait!!!! I almost forgot something! We did took several pictures at the X'mas place there. Tee-Heee

Christmas is around the corner yay!!! :DD

(Ps: Ignore the guard and the umbrella that Cy's holding and their Chatime of course. LOL)


 Happy early Christmas! Hehehe

Till then! =D

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