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Wednesday, November 7, 2012

Premiere Screening of Pitch Perfect

Acathank you to Churpies. I am so acaglad that I won this ticket because I've waited for this for so long alreadyyyy. Since I first watch the trailer, I said to myself that I am so gonna watch this movie! When I saw the contest at ChurpChurp's blog, I screamed out and my mum beside me was like looking at me one kind. Hahaha. So yeahhh, thanks ChurpChurp. =D

Acasorry for all the acawords. HAHAHA. Go watch the movie and you'll understand. ACAHAHAHAH. LOLLL. I rate this movie 8/10. To me it's pretty nice overall. Just love all the music and songs that they produced without using any musical instrument. Acapella FTW! =D I'm suck at this but I really love to give it a try if there's an opportunity. Anyone wanna guide me? =P 

She's so cool lahh. If you think she looks familiar, she's also in the movie Twilight as Bella's acafriend =D

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Watch the trailer below:
Aca byeeeee =D

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