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Tuesday, November 6, 2012

Premiere Screening of Soar into the Sun

Kamshamida Nuffnang!!! This should be the first ever Korean Premiere Screening with Nuffnang and ChurpChurp peeps I suppose? Tee-Heeee. :D 

As what Mr.Cy commented, he said that it was beyond his expectation. This movie was far more awesome that he expected because he didn't thought that a Korean movie would be this nice! LOL. But one thing for sure, RAIN IS SO CUTEEEEEE la omggggg!!!!! His eyes small small wan and throughout the whole movie, you just can't stop giggling and laughing because of his behavior. And of course, the another guy with his "top secret document". Watch it and you'll understand. Hahaha. :P 

So this is the naughty and cute RAIN =)

I rate this movie 9.5/10. Another 0.5 is because the ending. I didn't expect it to be just like that lah. I expect the enemy will come out then they will fight battle shoot here there and those very "yeng" geh scene will come out, but no worrr. LOL. Just that "zero knot" at the end again. Haha. But overall the movie was awesome and funny and yeng and sad at one part. :X That little boy made me cried. T.T 

Some cool formation that you'll see =D

hot body *phew-wittttt* :P

and leng lui :D

TOTALLY RECOMMENDED TO WATCH!!! No matter you are a Korean fans or not, JUST GO WATCH LAHHHH. You won't regret. =P

Watch the trailer below:

Pitch Perfect tomorrow! Oh gawdddd I'm waiting for this movie for so long already... 

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