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Wednesday, November 21, 2012

Premiere Screening of The Twilight Saga: Breaking Dawn Part 2


Love you more for choosing me as one of the consolation prize winner! =)

Do you know what AWESOMELY INCREDIBLE is? If you don't, please go watch this movie! LOL.

Story plot = DAEBAK
Actress/Actors = DAEBAK
Story plot = Did I just mention it again? LOLLL.

Jinjia daebak I tell you all!! Go watch please. Even if you are not die hard fans of Twilight like me, but it's totally worth watching man. You would never regret! When the jinjia daebak part appear, everyone in the cinema was like clapping man! Really unexpected. HAHAHA. If I tell you now, not nice jor la. So go watch it for yourself yeah =D

For the sake of this movie, I watched back all the previous episodes from the first one till the previous Part 1 so that I could connect it with this Part 2's episode. Haha. Someone lah... Didn't bother to watch back.. and then after the movie he asked me, "I don't understand why Bella hit Jacob. What is imprinted?" :O Itulahhhhhhh.. Ask you watch previous episode jor don't want lah... eng kaiiii be li good HAHAHHAA =P
Ok I know I'm silly but yeahhhh. AWESOME ONE! Rated 10/10 TOP RANK A+++ =DDDD

Watch the trailer below:

Byeeeee Twilight  LikeForever =D

I bet the red colour contact lens must be selling like hot cakes after this movie! Haha. Just saying though =p

Random picture taken in the toilet =p

Got my beautiful curl from Wow saloon =D

Ok bye for real now :D

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