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Tuesday, November 27, 2012

Premiere Screening of Wreck It Ralph

I'm gonna wreck it! Jeng jeng jenggg... Now who loves VIDEO GAMES here? Another amazing cartoon of the year. Previously we had Hotel Transylvania, then Rise of Guardian, then now Wreck It Ralph! SO NICE LAHHHHH. =DD Thanks Nuffnang yo! Love you lots!!!

And I love you more for choosing me as one of the Grand Prize Winner for the merchandises!!! I was so shocked when Darren(The Nuffnang guy) told me that I won something and pass me the hoodies and shirt and say, "THIS IS FOR YOU!!!" You couldn't imagine how happy I was at that moment!! Since the moment I saw this contest and saw the hoodie and I was like OMGGG I WANT THE HOODIE!!!! And here's it!!! IT'S MINE NOWWWWW HAHAHAHA =DDD

See see seeee... Nice righttttt XDXD

Size just fit right! Hehehehe =p

Congrats to my baby Valerie too because she won herself an Iphone casing too! She wanted the sticker but she got a better prize which is the third prize. Stickers were the consolation prize. LOL. You should offer to change it with someone else who won the stickers kan justnow? Hahaha.

As for the movie review, seriously totally recommended to watch yo! Rated 9.5/10 =D Great and meaningful story plot, the animation and the whole graphic of movie was incredible. I just love all the cookies, candies, and everything in Sugar Rush. And the Game Central.. arcade games.. how one the character of different games could gather around at other game's place. It's just so incredibly creative and awesome!!! Funny yet touching and exciting at the same time. Heheh. There's one part where the whole cinema burst into laughter but I couldn't recall which part. LOL. Go watch it for yourself then! =p  


Watch the trailer below: 

Oh oh oh and you know what? I got two replies from my internship application! Gonna go interviews soon. So so excited and nervous but also happy!!!! Tee-heeee =D

Oh I just love this week's TUESDAY! Gonna sleep now. Got homework to catch up on tomorrow as in preparation for my interview soon! *Winkkk ;P*. Hehehe. Bye and goodnight peepssss =D

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