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Saturday, December 29, 2012

CZ12 + Astro Battleground 2012

Thanks to TGV and Groupon, we get to watch movie for RM9 only. Yeahhh =D So, since most of them watch with family already, so end up me, Cy, Wai How and Sm went for the movie. Still Onzzz no matter what. Haha. And the movie was incredibly awazing!


Rate this movie 10/10 =D Jackie Chan never fail to make me impressed watching his action movie always. His action, his movie, his character. Everything was just so amazing. He even got hurt when he was filming. It was shown during the end of the movie. :/ Overall, awesome movie. =D

Watch the trailer below:


After movie as planned, we went to Setia Mall to watch Astro Battleground Final 2012. Loo See, Rabbit and others joined us after that. 

Thanks to Andrew for the tickets. =)

So there's four crews who made it to the final. SWEATZ, FIX, SCHOOL BROTHERZ, and also D'SWAG. I personally support FIX because I'm a loyal fan of ECX and FIX can be consider part of ECX so yeahhh. =p

Haha. But we were suppose to support SWEATZ lah actually cos my friend who gave me those tickets was SWEATZ's supporter. But don't worry, we did cheer for SWEATZ too kay. Hehehe. See all of did wore red clothes. ;)

ANG ANG BO HAI LANG. So red like CNY. hahaha. 

From left: Judges from Japan, Korea, and Hong Kong =D

Battle time: FIX vs School Brotherz

CONGRATS TO FIX da champion of 2012 Astro Battleground yo!

You guys deserved it! =) But the battleround was not as I expected lah. As I watch previously from Showdown or any other battle competition, the music doesn't stop okay. And the DJ sucks to the max! Walao ehhh -.- And obviously all the dancers already knew what song that the DJ gonna play. Battle like that wan meh? Confusing but nevermind. LOL @.@

So yeahhh once again, CONGRATS TO FIX FOR BEING THE CHAMPION!!! =)

I feel my face is so round. Kan? :<

Goodnight people =)

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