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Friday, December 28, 2012

Farewell 1: Lunch

This post would mainly on photos. Yayyy let the photos do the talking! Tee-heee =p

Since there's just too many of us so end up, we decided to ordered McD delivery! Yayyyy :DD

Total around RM200+ McD fiesta babeh!!! XD

busy passing foods around. hahaha

Random shots. Love this =D

poor kin fai sick :<

Random pictures of us having picnic at Level 10 ;)

Carrie and Ivan

Rabbit and Genie

Gan and Amanda

From left: Pauline, Gan, Ester, Kar Yan, Carrie

From left: Carrie, Susan, Sim May, Kar Yan, Rabbit, Kin Fai

Boy band wanna be? LOL

Miss Groupon or GG wanna be? HAHAHAHA
(From left: Khai Ling, Pauline, Gan, Genie, Ester, Kar Yan, Carrie, Rabbit, Casey)

A complete PDS Team picture like finally =D
(From left: Jason, Andrew, Khai Ling, Pauline, Carrie, Kin Fai, Kabeer)

Farewell 2 tonight at Zouk yo! =)

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