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Thursday, December 20, 2012

Premiere Screening of Les Misérables

This screening is a bit special. Special in sense of we went twice for this screening! LOL. You know why? Let me tell you why. This screening SUPPOSED to be on the 14th of December which is last Friday. Ok yeah so we went there, collected our ticket as usual. Thanks to Nuffnang. =)

And you know whattttt??? We went into the hall. And waited for freaking ONE HOUR!!! @.@ Nevermind lah if the movie delay but no wor.. after that the GSC fella came down and told us "Hey guys, I'm so sorry that we couldn't able to show the movie today because our system down or something." Everyone was like WHATTT? @.@ Then we went home. LOL. I know.. so lame rightttt.. But we couldn't do anything but just went back.

Then, of course they would have to compensate us with another screening on the other day la kan. So here's it. And the ticket is so much smaller and well.. not nicer hahaha. 

But it's cute! LOL.

So yeah 9.25pm right? But all of us still waiting OUTSIDE the cinema at 10.25pm. Omg can you just imagine that? Previous one was inside the hall, now outside. SAME HALL, SAME SCREENING, SAME PROBLEM? OMGGG? Can't they just like fix whatever problem which they faced? LIKE SERIOUSLY. -.- Then finally they let decided to change to another hall and finally we get to watch our movie. 

And this is what they compensate us. We went in to the hall and saw this.

Free popcorn and drinks for each of us. 

So yeah like finallyyyyyy.. After we waited for so long. :/

And about this movie, if you're not a fan of musical or into singing or opera thingy, I would not recommend you to watch this movie because 98% of this movie is totally in singing. TALKING= SINGING. Only 2% was really talking where they say thank you or I love you I couldn't remember. LOL.

ohhhh... and and and you know what? remember X-MEN WOLVERINE? HUGH JACKMAN? OMG he can sing wey!!! HAHAHA. Or was it other people's voice. IDK. LOL


I rate this movie 8/10. Overall I love the story plot, the drama, the songs, and all. Amazingly to see how they could bring together a threesome music. I mean 3 ppl singing at the same time. Impressing! =) 

Toodles! XOXO

Watch the trailer below:

And congrats to Mr.Chern Yang for finally getting a job after so long. hahahaha. Good luck for your career. I wish you all the best =)

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