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Tuesday, December 11, 2012

Short update = Work.

Yo guys what's up. Not gonna talk much but just wanna write a short update about me recently. I've been abandoned my blog for quite some time already but I've been really really busy... Busy WORKING!!!! Have to earn money jor. LOL. Since tomorrow is public holiday that means NO WORK!!! HAHAHA. So gonna write a short update here. Previously, Valerie and I worked at Jusco Bukit Raja promoting cosmetic products of the Essence brand.

So basically I start from 10am to 7pm and she'll come join me at 1.30pm till 10.30pm. So bored and gonna die if I'm working all by myself. Can't imagine that. Dahlahhh sick pulak 2nd day. Worst!! Even Valerie also got sick few days after. So chammm.. Work till sick. LOLL. And I DIE DIE also would never ever go work under Aeon or in or which ever that relate to Aeon! Cos the rules sucks! LOLL.. Anyway here's some picture of our cute booth. LOL. The product was from Germany and overall I think not bad wey. I'm using the mascara, eye liner and even eye shadow from this brand. (I finally learn how to apply on eye liner =P)

Even painted our hand. Basically I think we almost tried out all the make ups! HAHAHA

See.. she so happy with it XD

At least I did survived for FIVE days!!! HAHAHA. Valerie not so awesome because she only survived for 3 days and half? HAHAHAHA =P

Well end of this weekday job. I got another job which is during weekends only selling DERMATIX. Don't know what's that? GOOGLE IT. LOL...

Well it's actually a scar reduction gel and not cheap. LOL. 49.80 for 7g and 69.80 for 15g with extra 2g! 

So yeahhh, my outlet was located at Watson Jusco Bukit Tinggi for the first two weekends and they assigned me to the Watson at Bukit Tinggi on the third week. Was suppose to work for four weekends but yeahhh I got another job! So I asked someone to replace me. Heheh..  

Wondering what's the other job? HAHA. INTERNNNN!!! Am back to GROUPON MALAYSIA again!!! HAHAHA. Not officially started yet because my internship begins on Jan till April 2012 but since they are hiring people that's why I'm starting from Dec onwards. And since I'm working on the weekdays already, that's why I'm giving out my final week part time job to other people. I NEED REST ALSO WEY!!! (Ok ok Valerie I know you work straight 10 days plus.. You awesome kayyy HAHAHA)

Relax on last Friday night =p

Anyway, I'm back to the partner support team but this time was abit different and more challenging. To be more accurate, I'm in PDS team whereby my role is to do all the delivery list to be send to customers. Back then, for all the delivery we all would need to write customers' address one by one. Hire part timers do help and all. So tiring... And now, it's all by computer! We actually liaised with Skynet where they would proceed with the delivery after we send them the delivery list. But it's more complicated also lahhh. Glad to learn something new though. Ok update till then. Byeeeee




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