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Tuesday, December 11, 2012

Team celebration XD

I joined back Groupon on December. Which also the critical moment where they have problems in regards to the products. As in backlogs where products were delayed, then customers complained, we susah, then CSM also susah then nobody will have faith on us then everyone also susah. LOL. Hahaha. But but butttt... as all of us were so awesomely awesome that we managed to solve this critical problem together! And so we had a small celebration as the boss promised us. LOL.

Yeahhh so we went for a buffet @ Temptations, Hotel Renaissance.

PDS team without Khai Ling and Jason. LOL (From left: Kin Fai, Pauline, Carrie, Andrew, Kabeer)

They were so embarrassed to take this photo because it's in public. HAHA. Guys forever. LOL.

Had a nice dinner anyway. =)

More pictures @ HERE @ HERE No I didn't upload mine because just a few. XD

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