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Saturday, January 5, 2013

Baking with aunt and two lil devils.

It's a normal random Saturday and we decided to bake cakes! Hehehe. Just few cup cakes because I told my aunt that I baked before and I got quite many good compliment from everyone. *Proud* LOLLL. So yeahhh I drove my aunt and cousin to the bakery shop and she bought all the necessary stuffs for baking purpose lah.. And since we seldom bake, so the boss suggested us to buy this ready made recipe where we just need to add water, eggs, and oil and mix everything and just BAKE! Well it's in the picture below lah actually. hahaha.

For RM7.50, you can save so much time. LOL. Remind me of the last time when I bake for the two birthday boys.. took me so long to mix, to stir everything.. following the procedure and steps one by one.. Hahaha. But I want to do so lah because I wanna experience the fun and joy of baking and I think it's more sincere doing everything by myself. "Kononnya lahhhh" Hahahah. =P

Well back here.. my two cousins as you can see from the pictures below.. obviously small kids.. but so beria-ria wanna join along and bake. 

That's my aunt showing her kids how to break an egg.

And she manage to do it! LIKE A PRO! LOLL. 

How adorable kan? Hahahha =)

So my job is to pour the ready cupcake "thingy" into the paper cups. :p

Step 1:

Step 2:
(The messed part was really not meeee :XX)

Step 3:
The kids helped out to pour those colourful stars and small candies. =D

And she's happy! Yayyyyyyy!!!! HAHAHA =) 

And there they goes! CUPCAKES IN THE MAKING YO! =D 

And the result turned out.......................

JENG JENG JENG!!!!!!!!!!!!!



But still can eat la.. Just cut off the upper black part. HAHAHA. I think we poured too full and we baked too long. Or was the oven temperature too hot? IDK. LOLLL. HAHAHA

But they still enjoyed their cakes!!! XD

 Naughty boy!!! Pattern liao liao hahaha. So hiao right this pose. HAHAHA. XD

My aunt even attempt to make cny cookies. It was so easy la kayyy. And it takes about 7-8 minutes only! Can consider to make own cookies man.. Now I know why selling CNY cookies can earn so much. The cake shop boss even told us that with one tin of cookies that we buy outside, we could make 5 tins of it on our own! I wanna do also lahhhhh hahahaha

 Just mix and stir evenly and put into the oven! So simple as that man!

And it's very delicioussssss. Ok This made me hungry now. LOL

And I decided last minute to stay at my aunt's house tonight. Wearing my aunt's pyjamas. Hahahaha.

Ok time to sleep. I had a great time baking justnow and would definitely do it again. I love baking if you guys don't know. Haha. Goodnight people. =D

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