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Tuesday, January 1, 2013


I'm gonna write about me going clubbing in this post. Some of you may think that I always get drunk whenever I go club. Cannot control myself. It's all bad impression that you all got. That's what people always say, "People will always remember the bad things you did and always forget the good things you've done". But please don't misunderstood, I didn't mean that not getting drunk is a good thing. It's just an example. Basically it's based on how you think and judge people. As I wrote once at my status, "Don't be so quick to judge me; you only see what I choose to show". You see, this is true. You guys only see what I show, those that I didn't show you would never know. Could you just possibly judge a person based on what you see? Now back to club, I can control myself not to get drunk if I want to. And usually, I only allow myself to get drunk when I know my friends are around. Those who I can really trust on to look after me if I really get drunk. And I'm obviously not a club kaki okay. Clubbers would go club like I don't know? One week once or more more than that? Previously, when I went to my secondary school friend's birthday party, I kinda like reunite with some of the school mates which I didn't see for so long already since we graduated from high school. And all of their perception of me was like "Wahh Pei Ling, always go here and there chiong ahh.." and things like that. LOL. And that time was just few days after the Hennessy party. So yeahh.. I joined contest and won tickets to event. What's wrong with that? Yea I admit I love to enjoy, I love to party. I'm the type of girl like that. I love to enjoy my life. Don't expect me to stay at home and read book. LOL. Haizzz people people. But what I wanna emphasize here was I don't get drunk ALL THE TIME WHEN I GO CLUB. Sometimes, I really hate people who judge me when they don't even know anything. I can tell you how many times I went club, how many times I get drunk and I don't get drunk. And yea I admit also I look so ugly when I get drunk. So when I vomit out in public, you guys would say I get drunk and looks ugly on it. So if I vomit in toilet where you guys couldn't see, would that consider me not getting drunk? -.-

Here's a list of me going club:
1st time- MOS 2009. I still remember going there with Su Ee, Sharon and others. Soya brought us there. LOL
2nd time- Safari 2009. Genting trip with Cheryl Yeoh, Sharon and others.
3rd time- Maison 2009. New year countdown with Sharon and others.
4th time- MOS 2010. CNY Celebration with Sharon and others.
5th time- Safari 2010. Genting trip with Loo See and others.
6th time- MOS 2010. After prom night from Empire Hotel.
7th time- Mist 2011. Joyling and Sm's birthday celebration.
8th time- Mist 2011. The time where most of the college mates also went including Elaine Tan, Chye Wei and those french guys. Got cheap voucher or don't know CraveSense anniversary or something. Haha.
9th time- Hennessy Artistry @ MIECC 2011 (If this consider clubbing. LOL)
10th time- G6 2011. After college's prom night from OVO Bistro. (I remember someone cried when she drunk and someone was surprised I did not get drunk that night.)
11th time- Singapore Zouk 2011. (Worst clubbing experience ever. Too high expectation also la. We went at the wrong timing :X)
12th time- Movida 2011. New Year Eve Celebration. I don't know whether this also counts. >.<
13th time- New Heineken Bottle Launch Event 2012. Won tickets from contest. (I don't think it's clubbing also lah. LOL)
14th time- Mist 2012 with Ee Ling and gang. (First time so random plan. Haha)
15th time- Hennessy Artistry 2012- 3rd Nov @ KWC
16th time- Hennessy Artistry 2012- 8th Sept @ MIECC
17th time- Zouk 2012 (Many people on that time cos everyone didn't go Zouk before haha end up with sucky experience because of the stupid blackout thingy.)
18th time- Zouk 2012. With G-peeps. Our farewell party. LOL

Total 18th times till current. And looking back, I think 90% were because of events or celebrations. Of course, I haven't include those times which are not clubbing like going trips, annual dinner, birthday celebration, yumcha, wedding party, and more which whenever I drank alcohol. You see, everyone have their own stories behind. Please don't judge someone just based on what you see. DON'T JUDGE A BOOK BY ITS COVER. You are not me. You don't know me. Sorry if I gave you a bad impression when I get drunk. I'm not a good drinker, that's why I get drunk easily. But I really don't get drunk everytime when I drink okay. LOL. Okla I don't know why am I explaining also btw.


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