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Wednesday, January 16, 2013

Premiere Screening of The Impossible

Thanks to Nuffnang again. Hehe. 

Yesterday was horror, today need to balance it with a little bit of sad. LOL. What kind of theory is that? HAHAHAA. Since I watch the trailer, I think this movie would be very nice. And this is a movie based on true story somemore. Based on the disaster which is Tsunami. And for sure, I would cry. And indeed, I did. LOL, But this was not as worst as the Korean Tsunami movie. I remember there's one Tsunami movie in Korean one last time. Haha.

Overall, this is a very nice movie except the part where the camera keep on shaking. Mr.Dummy was kinda pek cek and headache because he really can't stand dizzy. Poor boy :X I was not affected la though. But it's really a nice and meaningful movie. And heart pain wey when the Tsunami fall on them that part. How they got hurt, bang here bang there.. and the mother's leg! OMGGGOSHHHHH.. It's like the whole meat from her leg came out wey! So awful lahhh :<< 

Thomas (left) and Simon (right) so cute lah omgggggg!!!!! Their British accent.. fuhhhh really makes you feel wanna say Awwwwww all the time. So damn cuteeeeee!!! 

So heart warming this part. :<

I rate this movie 8.5/10 =D Not bad! For those who love to cry, go watch cos you'll for sure cry! Hahaha.

Watch the trailer below:

Hansel and Gretel next week! Hehehehe =p

P/s: Mr. Dummy look handsome today! Because of his double eye lid! *He claimed he got skill worrrr* Hahahaha. Not bad lahhh =P

I like my watery eye here =P

Pattern more than badminton. Haha. LOL. Ok byeeee =D

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