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Thursday, January 10, 2013

ten one two zero one three

Something happened.
I'm shocked.
And surprise.
And I don't know what to say.
After so long.
Ok bye.

Current update: I'm busy with work. :( There are 3 days which are Tues, Wed, and Fri where I have to work till 9pm and Mon, Thurs, Sat till 6pm. Yes work on Saturday. And even public holiday also have to work sometimes. And the worst part was I have to study and got homework to do. Ya I know like seriously.... I wanna work instead of study because I don't want to study but yet I have to study. Seriously got notes wan okay and have to do research somemore. LOL. :X But all this still okay lah.. what I don't like was the working hours. How am I gonna go for my premiere screenings if I'm working untill 9pm? But I don't care lah if I really wanna watch the particular movie, I will request to go back early and if can't, just take unpaid leave then. And Saturday is like my holiday previously.. but yet I have to work now. Haizzz.. Don't like. :( Ok la bye. Don't wanna reveal so much about my current work. Bye.

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