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Tuesday, January 1, 2013

The Golden Couple.

Finallly... Like finally... I get to watch this movie. Was supposed to watch it yesterday before our buffet dinner but because of some circumstances, couldn't make it on time for the show. So yeahhhh.. thanks to Mr.Cy to bring me to watch this movie although he's not willing to watch. But yeah. hahaha.

Happy, Sad, Funny, Touching.. Semua pun ada. Made me cried. LOL. Sorry la, couldn't bare with it. He always turn around at me to see whether I'm crying. When those "sentimental" moments appeared, he must be waiting for me to cry. But yeah end up I did. Especially when it's related to old people and kids! Arghhhh couldn't stand. :( Overall, I think the movie is quite nice and meaningful. I don't really know how to see whether they shoot it nice or not but if Cy didn't mention that the front part was not nice, I wouldn't even notice it. And one thing.. MIKE HE... *screamsssss* the kisser king. HAHAHAH. "Kak, apa macam? Kasi chance lahhhh" So funny wey the way he said it. Wonder how many NGs they took just for him to get that slang correct! Haha. 

That's Mike He with Fiona Xie

I'm satisfied. =D Rate this movie 8/10 =)

Watch the trailer below:

Today's the first day of 2013. Back to work tomorrow. 3 more days and I shall say bye again to Groupon Malaysia. Hmmm. Goodnight peeps, time to sleep =D

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