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Monday, February 18, 2013

Premiere Screening of Cloud Atlas

I was very excited for this movie because it was held on MONDAY!!!! The reason why is because I work till 6pm on Monday. But usually, I realized MOST of the premiere screening are held on Tuesday and Wednesday. But unfortunately I'm working until 9pm on Tues and Wed! Arghhhhh... which means I have to let go plenty of premiere screenings. :( Like the previous Flight, Journey to the west, A Good Day to Die Hard, Beautiful creatures and so on. I didn't even join it because I know I would definitely can't make it for the movie. And now there's OZ!!! OH MAI GODDDDD!!! I wanna watch that movie so freaking badly. And it's on a Tuesday. My feeling was like =[ haizzzz.. but I'l' figure something out. When I want something, I would definitely do all the best that I could to achieve it. So back to Cloud Atlas, of course have to thanks Nuffnang once again! It's my first premiere screening in February! Yayyyyy!!! ^^

Hmmm... how should I describe this movie?

Every part, every detail of the movie is a hint or related to everything. Hahaha I don't know what am I saying. But seriously, I sat in the cinema for almost 3 hours but end up couldn't really figure out everything. I get it at some point where they repeat the same sentence which they use at each generation. Just that they showed it in a different kind of way but their aim was to tell us that no matter what generation, it's the same. Well, I don't think many people will appreciate this kind of movie lah. Those who really appreciate must be very artistic, dramatic and WISE and patience. LOL. As Mr.Dummy said, only WISE people are recommended for the movie. So lame yet so true! Hahaha. But anyway, I wouldn't comment much because you have to watch it for yourself. But overall, I find this movie kinda interesting and the way the story was produced was very unique. Thumbs up to the team especially to the person who wrote this movie. Haha.
And I really salute all the casts seriously. One actor/actresses can be so many characters. Thumbs up! =D
Like this:
Impressive right???? XD
WATCH TILL THE END IF YOU'RE WATCHING THIS MOVIE AT CINEMA. They would show the picture of the casts and you'll definitely get shocked! I GUARANTEED! HAHAHA
Summary of the characters of the movie:
But I still don't get it >.<
Check out more details at IMDB here: =D
Watch the trailer below:
Toodles! =p

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