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Sunday, March 3, 2013

Day out at Pyramid =D

Just another normal day out for brunch. Hehehhh =p

REAL Mushroom Soup. (Got FAKE mushroom soup? hahaha =p)

Beery Good and Iced Blended Chocolate

Pan Seared Crispy Salmon
This is real yummy for me. Overall it's good! Hehehhh =D

Teriyaki Chicken Chop
Not bad lahh. But no mashed potatoes! Cos as what the menu stated, it was supposed to served along with mashed potatoes. So then I asked the waiter about it and you know what they say? "I'm sorry miss, we don't have mashed potatoes, is french fries okay with you?" I was like, totally speechless but had to go with french fries only. =X

"SEA-BASS" is out of the sea. Guess where is it?

LOL. What kind of food name is this. =___= It's black pepper, seasoning, pan seared sea-bass, chunky pumpkin mashed, vegetable ratatouille, served with Beurre Blanc sauce. And seriously, how the dish was served was completely different from the picture displayed at the menu. LOLLLLL

Omg I look so pale. @________@ Hair was so messed up so I have to tie up my hair. LOL.

Garden Concept restaurant

You guys must be wondering why two of us ordered so many right? Haha. Because he bought cash voucher from Groupon!!! RM25 for RM50 cash voucher. So he bought two vouchers and instead of RM121.10, we just need to pay for RM71.10. Thanks for the treat Mr.Dummy! Ho ho ho =P

Have you guys try out this new ice-cream? Okay I don't know whether it's opened long ago or not but it's new for me lah cos the last time I've been to Sunway Pyramid was like last year I don't know when. LOL. Anyway, this is a shop called "Cornet" where the ice-cream cone was actually somekind of fried bread or I don't know what it's called! HAHAHA. Reminds me of the fried ice-cream. Similar concept though. =P
This was tutti frutti and strawberry flavor. Not bad! Can try lahh hehe =)

End of our food date! LOL. That's all peeps! Toodles. =D

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