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Saturday, March 23, 2013

Happy Birthday to Mr.Alson! =D

It's #0321. Hahaha. Our Mr.See Ming Chang's birthday. 


Well.. I assume that the surprise for the birthday boy can be considered as a success on I guess? Hahaha. I'm sure he did enjoyed the celebration. We have two plan. Because not everyone can make it earlier to the gym so we have a second round surprise during yumcha session after that. So the first surprise goes on where those who can make it to Fitness First before 9.30pm. The plan is where the others would hide behind the Fitness counter and when MC wanna goes out, everyone would surprise him! But it was kinda gan jiong lah because we estimate MC to go out at 9.30pm but manalahhh tauuu.. he didn't bring his pants so end up he didn't shower after his gym! (Busuk =p) HAHAHA. So the time was unexpectedly earlier and most gan jiong was everyone haven't reach the gym yet! End up I lied to him say that I'm waiting my friend so he asked him to wait for awhile. Finally, everyone reached and still.. the surprise goes on smoothly. Everyone was looking at us when we sang the birthday song loudly! You can just imagine that moment right now already! Haha.

Thanks to Atika (my friend who works there) and Fitness First management for the cooperation too! Without them, this surprise could never be done. =)

So then, we head on to Primo's Cafe at Botanic for the yumcha session where the rest of the gang would meet there. And we had out second celebration with a whole cake this time! The first celebration was held with a slice of Secret Recipe cake only! (Sorry budget tak cukup!!! Hahaha. Jkjk =p) 

That's the birthday boy

And that's me with the birthday boy! Haha!

All of us =)

Our gift to the birthday boy! The blue watch was specially made by me! Hehehh (Limited Edition okay. Only Mc has it in the whole world =p)

Closer shot =)

Hope you had a great day with us Mc. Happy Birthday =)

Who's next? I have idea in my mind already! Muahahahaha =D

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