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Tuesday, March 26, 2013

Premiere Screening of G.I.Joe Retailation

Thanks to both Nuffnang and Churpchurp for the invitations again hehehe ^^

Seriously, I didn't watch the first episode before. LOL. So in order for me to understand this episode I purposely watched the first episode the day before this screening. Hahaha. Thank god I watch the earlier episode if not I'm sure that I won't understand what's going on. Like Miss Loo See! She's must be so blur throughout the whole movie. LOLL..

This was the first episode: Rise of the Cobra

And now we have, the retaliation. So even you haven't watch the movie, you can already imagine how the story goes right? Where all the bag guy will rise and gets revenge. And then good guy and bad guy fights, and finally the good guy wins. *clapclap* Yayyyy.. Then anyone can be director already! HAHAHAHA. But seriously, that's actually how the whole things goes you know. Just that, the KING COBRA DIDN'T DIE!!!! Which means............ 

G.I.JOE 3!!!!!! Hoorayyyyyyyyyyy hahahahaa XD

Anyway, love this movie. Definitely recommended to watch and I advice you not to put too high expectation for it if you really do care of those weapons and gadgets. If you compare to the previous episode, I would say that the weapons and gadgets that they use are much more cooler and more YENG! LOLLL.

Rated 8.5/10 though! Enjoy watching! Tee-heee :p

Watch the trailer below:

The Host and Ghost Child is up next yo! :D 

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