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Tuesday, March 5, 2013

Premiere Screening of Oz the Great and Powerful

Thanks to Nuffnang. I was expecting long for this movie actually. Haha. Was glad and relieved when I received the email to RSVP for this movie. Hehehehe =D

Why they don't give us nice tickets anymoreeeeeeeee?????? :XXX

When I was about to claim my ticket, Darren said that my email was not in the list. I was freak out really at that moment. Then he asked whether did I receive the reminder email that they send to us earlier on and I said yeah, I did. Then I remember that I got their email from my GMAIL account and as expected, my gmail account was in their list. But, one weird thing is that, I suppose to be receiving from my HOTMAIL account because there is my main account where I registered with Nuffnang. Jinjia weird. LOL. But luckily I got my tickets. Hahaha.

Anyway, Oz was AWESOME POSSUMMMM. We get to watch it in before it's released in US. That's why before entering the cinema, we had to hand out our mobile phones and any other recording devices.. in case anyone of us attempts to record the movie. LOL. This was our second time already. I can't recall the first movie! Haha =P Okay back to our movie review, the story didn't go with what I had expected. I thought that the wizard would really have his own magic power where he himself didn't know. But it really turns out that he had his own magic trick. LOLLL. Overall, I enjoyed the whole movie though. The mysterious land was nice. It reminds me of the movie, Journey to the Center of Earth. HAHAHA. Rated 8/10 =)

The land of OZ

The cute but bites people with its sharp teeth, river fairy. hahaha

The good witch, Glinda

The evil witch sisters, Evanora and Theodara. LOL

Watch the trailer below: 

Dead Man Down tommorow =)

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