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Wednesday, April 3, 2013

Premiere Screening of The Host

Thanks to Nuffnang again. Don't know why ChurpChurp didn't choose me but never minddd :/

I thought the movie was 9.30pm. So we suppose to collect at 8.45pm. But mana tau it's actually 9pm whereby 8.15pm can collect jor. We still so syok eating at Nando's. End up getting the seats third row from the front. Still nevermind, we bought a skirt each before the movie and we left it in the cinema =.= And we realized it halfway when we heading back to Klang. So speechlessss :/

But anyway, the movie was good! We enjoyed it although the seats was not so comfortable.. but it was still bearable for me though! hehe. Imagine if we got another creature living inside our body and we can feel it? It's like having two personality like Dr.Jekyll and Mr.Hyde hahaha

Melanie also called as Wanda (Saoirse Ronan). She's so prettyyyy :)

From left (Jake Abel, Saoirse RonanMax Irons,) so handsomeeeee oh my jared :XXX

Don't you think that Max Irons look alike as Robert Pattinson?0.o
got abit la kan.... :p

anyway, one thing I don't like about this movie is that they cut all the kiss scene. I mean like seriously? It's just kiss -.- potong liao liao.... If not overall the movie gonna be so perfect. Aikssss :/ Anyway, rated 8/10 though =)

Watch the trailer below:

Oblivion next week! Say HI to Tom Cruise again. He really like the name "JACK" btw. LOL. Kthx see ya byeeeeeeeeee =D 

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