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Thursday, June 13, 2013


Four years of hardwork just to get this one piece of paper.
Time really flies... I finally completed my studies as a college student and I'm proud to say that Imma degree holder yo! *clapclapppp* Throughout these four years, I really learn a lot and seriously.. this was indeed one of the best moments ever part of my life. I've gained friendship which is totally priceless, although I'm not really smart but yet I still get to learn a lot of things from all my lecturers. My public speaking lecturer.. I still remember how nervous I was when I have to give my speech with so many eyes watching me. Gan jiong max wey!!! LOLL.. Not to forget, all those events that I participated regardless of sports, musical, charity, or any other event. Every single one events had different memories. And also EXAM! Oh goshhhh.. This was always been the one that Idon'treallylikesomuch! Hahaha. But that's part of a student life. Tell me where and when can you sit in an examination hall to sit for an exam? 

Thanks to all the lecturers, for because of all of you.. I am who am I today,
Thanks to my parents for all the guidance and fetching me to college always.
Thanks to my college for giving me scholarships of course! I won't be studying in this college without it. (Fore real) 
Thanks god for giving me such a wonderful journey of my life as a student.

All the best to all my friends in your future career! If we met in the street someday, Please come and say HI alright? HAHAHA. 

Kthxbai. Toodles! ;)

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